Warranty Info

Using DigiNow chargers does not void your Zero Motorcycle warranty.

By offering a warranty, manufactures must adhere to warranty law. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty. This is the reason that aftermarket windshields, seats, luggage options, non-OEM tires and brake pads, etc. also do not void your warranty. If you have any further questions about how the supercharger affects your motorcycle's warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly.

The only time a warranty claim can be denied is if it can be shown that the aftermarket part was directly responsible for the damage. digiNow has taken great care to design our products with multiple safety measures in place. Your Zero also has its own safety mechanisms to protect itself. We also operate within the safety specifications of the motorcycle, so there are protections on both sides. Our SCv2.x chargers have well over a million miles and counting, on numerous bikes across the world. They are field-proven to work, and we back it up with our own 1-year warranty against defects.

If a properly-installed digiNow charger causes direct damage to your bike or battery during our warranty period, we will cover the repair cost to your bike.