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The digiNow Super Charger v2.5 (SCv2.5) is a Level 2 fast-charging unit designed for Zero Motorcycles (units for Brammo are available as well). These units in combination will allow charging speeds as fast as 1 hour or better, in certain configurations.

Each Super Charger unit is capable of 3.3 kW (up to 4kW on certain higher-voltage stations), and multiple modules can work together for higher power. You can use a supercharger kW power rating up to the kWh rating of your bike for maximum 1C charging.

We are now on version 2.5 of our supercharger, which enables the bike to charge without the onboard charger and without using the key - the digiNow control board will now close the contactors on the bike. This version also integrates with the Zero Motorcycle's Battery Management System (BMS) to closely monitor the battery temperature and voltage and adjusts charging speed accordingly - prioritizing battery safety first, and charging speed second. Compared to the stock charger, this version will reduce battery temperatures while charging and increase your battery longevity by keeping it within the battery manufacturer's parameters.

These SCv2.5 units come pre-installed in our custom belly pan for an easier installation than ever. See our Installations page for more details.

Using a Bluetooth terminal app you can adjust the power draw of these units on the fly, thus making them compatible with most any Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) device you may find at charging stations world-wide. By adjusting the power and having the appropriate inlets or adapters for the places you need to charge, you will never be left without power. Multiple-unit digiNow superchargers (6.6 or greater) also offer a degree of redundancy against the rare possibility a unit failure, giving you further peace of mind while on the road.


Units Available
Supercharger Compatible Bikes*
SCv2.5 3.3kW
Zero FX, FXS, S, SR, DS, DSR
(all models)
SCv2.5 6.6kW
Zero FX (ZF7.2+), FXS (ZF7.2+), S, SR, DS, DSR
SCv2.5 10kW
(Three modules)
Zero S, SR, DS, DSR
(ZF11.4+ models)

* Max charging rate supported up to 1C

Estimate* Charge Time

Select your pack size:

Select your Power Tank:


Estimated Charge Times 0-95%:
STOCK 1.3 kW**:
SCv2.5 3.3 kW:
SCv2.5 6.6 kW:
SCv2.5 10 kW:
* Rates assuming 240v. At 120v rate is half, time is double.
Charge times may vary with battery temperature to protect the battery (extreme cold or hot batteries will slow charge rate).
** Onboard rate is for S, SR, DS, DSR.
FX / FXS 650W onboard is slower (~double).

Super Charger v2 (old version)

If you are an existing owner with a SCv2 unit and wish to upgrade to the v2.5, all you need to do is purchase and swap out the control module. Your chargers remain the same and are fully compatible with the SCv2.5 control module! Please contact us today to get your updated control module and enjoy these additional benefits:

The SCv2 supercharger could be used with the onboard charger, but with the SCv2.5 this is no longer the case. The SCv2.5 must be used in a stand-alone configuration, eliminating the onboard charger. This is due to the digiNow unit's new BMS integration and ability to turn the bike on which uses the existing wires to the onboard.

Disconnecting the onboard charger helps your battery longevity by reducing the "cooking" effect of your batteries from the heat build-up. You may leave the onboard charger in place on the bike, but it must be disconnected as the SCv2.5 uses the factory signal cable to turn on the bike. Removing the onboard charger will reduce the weight of the bike and also allow for the recommended pan-mount installation of the digiNow superchargers.

General Specs
Vehicle WarrantyThis is safe for all vehicle warranties. This is 100% safe to use on Zero motorcycles.
Warranty1 year warranty against defects
IP RatingIP67 - dust tight and protected against temporary immersion
CE RatedYes
Charger ControlBluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth, Serial, CAN-BUS. For Zero and Brammo motorcycles BLE is used.
AC or DC Input < 180vHalf power
AC or DC Input > 180vFull power
DC output Voltage rangeCustomer may specify, for Zero and Brammo motorcycles max voltage set at 116.4v
DC output Ramp-up RateConfigureable upon order, for Zero and Brammo motorcycles the ramp rate is 50 watts per second.
DC output Ramp-down RateImmediate, for best safety and breaker reasons we drop output power immediately.
Charge TypeConstant power then constant voltage. This best utilizes the available power from any charge station, or plug.
Unit Dimensions240mm x 136mm x 92mm (max dimensions per unit without cabling)
Unit Weight3.9 kg per 3.3kW unit, without heatsink or fan. Cabling and adapters may add extra weight.

Detailed Specs
  3.3 kW
(1 unit)
6.6 kW
(2 units)
9.9 kW
(3 units)
13.2 kW
(4 units)
Input Current Max 16A 32A 48A
(Dual J-plugs recommended unless high-power station)
(Dual J-plug setup for US, single Mennekes setup for EU for highway with low power switch for other stations)
Output Current 32A 64A 96A
(uses both controller and aux. port)
(limited to 1C uses both controller and aux. port)
*direct pack tap for testing facilities looking to test >1C charge rates possible but not waranteed and to be used at your own risk*
12v power supply 4A 9A 14A 19A


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