Installation Information

digiNow pre-installs the 10kW supercharger units in a custom belly pan for easy install on your Zero S, DS, SR, or DSR motorcycle. This location seemlessly replaces the troublesome OEM charger, and is the easiest and best solution. It blends in with the bike so well, most people won't even notice that it's not the stock charger.

10kW Belly-Pan Mount Examples

Pan mount Pan mount

Pan mount Pan mount Pan mount Pan mount

Most people who work on their own bikes can install a digiNow 10kW Supercharger on their own bike in a couple hours. It's very trivial to install with a flat hydraulic floor jack (inexpensively available at Harbor Freight), 3 allen keys (3mm, 4mm and 5mm), and a T45 (torx key) for taking off the seat. If you need help, we can provide it over the phone, video chat, or we can speak with any motorcycle dealer to help you get it installed.

FX / FXS Models

For owners of the Zero FX dual-sport or FXS supermoto models, there is no belly pan on the bike. The OEM charger is located up higher, in front of the battery. We are working on a different mounting location for the digiNow superchargers for these bikes. Please contact us for more information.

Older Mounts

Previous versions of the supercharger, before development of the belly pan system, were installed in a variety of locations on Zeros. If you have a special need for a non-belly pan mount, please contact us to discuss custom install options.

Boxer Mount Examples

Boxer-style mount Boxer-style mount

Tank Mount Examples

Tank mount Tank mount

Pannier Mount Example

Pannier mount