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What is SuperCharging?

SuperCharging is a means of charging your bike, or other electric vehicle, really really fast! More than that, it is intelligent charging. SuperChargers communicate with your battery to monitor information vital to your battery's health, including C rate, temperature, voltage, and cell level data. Not only do they monitor, but the chargers react accordingly as conditions change.

In the end all of this adds up to being able to charge your vehicle at speeds of 3C safely. We keep it limited to 1C for riders of Zero motorcycles that want to keep their warranty, though. Over 1C, even with our fancy algorithm, is limited to advanced users.


How do these things work?

Plug the EV station, or any other source of power into your bike and let the charging begin! US versions come standard with J1772 inlets, and EU versions come with full 3 phase Mennekes Type 2 support. You can also use an Android or iOS device to adjust max power and voltage. Set your bike to only charge up to 80% for extra longevity. You could also have your charger hold your bike at 60% for long term storage if you really wanted.

The short answer, is that you just plug it in.

Check out the Supercharger v2.5

About digiNow

digiNow, established in 2012, is a technology company located in Los Angelos, CA. We are focused on creating tomorrow's solutions, today. Our primary products are aftermarket fast-charging accessories for Zero Motorcycles, known as our Superchargers.
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