Company History

In 2011 Brandon Nozaki Miller, CEO of digiNow Inc., began hacking his electric motorcycle for racing. One of the first things he realized is to get as much track time as possible he needed to charge the bike FAST. Unfortunately for Brandon, none of the products available on the market could charge his bike fast enough to allow for a full day's racing. From this was born the need for SuperCharging.

Race setup

After a few iterations of chargers for use at the track Brandon's friends, like famed Tourmaster Terry Hershner, took notice of his cool charging setups and tools; they wanted the same for themselves, so Brandon built his friends faster charging setups. It didn't take long until more people recognized how awesome SuperCharging was, and Brandon decided to make the SuperCharger available as a product.

He started building SuperChargers in his living room and then moved to his garage as he needed more space. From there Terry Hershner introduced him to the inventor of the motorcycle fairing, Craig Vetter, who has since assisted in finding a more adequate facility for digiNow to grow, prototype, and build the first production units. Over the past year Craig's help has been invaluable to digiNow.

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