Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SCv2.5?
SCv2.5 stands for SuperCharger version 2.5. It is a compact aftermarket battery charging system we make and sell for Zero motorcycles and other electric vehicles.
Why do I want this?
It charges the bike very fast in a very small footprint.
How will that help me?
Fast charging allows you to ride long distances to the point where you can ride and fully use the bike's entire battery multiple times in a day. With the stock charger from the manufacturer it will take 10+ hours to recharge your bike's battery. SuperChargers allow you to be done and back on the road in less than 1 hour. It's the difference between taking your bike out for a drive versus going for a ride.
Does the manufacturer offer an OEM fast charger?
Zero currently offers what is called a Charge Tank for 2018 model bikes that will charge the bike in just under 3 hours. It must be installed at the factory at the time of purchase of the 2018 model. It cannot be added later. There is also previous iteration of this Charge Tank for 2016-2017 models that wasn't as powerful as the 2018 model. The Charge Tank will take up the space in your 'tank' area which could otherwise be used for storage or Zero's Power Tank which is an extra battery. With a digiNow SuperCharger you can have the fastest available charging as well as the maximum amount of batteries installed for the most time spent riding instead of waiting.

Zero also offers the Delta-Q 'Quiq' charger unit for $600 apiece from their site. These charge between 0.9-1kW and are well over double the physical size of one 3.3kW SuperCharger. This makes them 6x the size and nearly double the price per kilowatt of our units.
Will installing or using digiNow SuperChargers affect the warranty on my bike?
No. There was previously some confusion and misconceptions regarding this. On April 28, 2018 during a Zero Owner's ride and subsequent factory tour, head of customer service Aaron Cheatham explicitly said using digiNow SuperChargers will not void your warranty. Zero is currently revising their legal documentation to better reflect this, and once they do we will be linking to the official statement. You are encouraged to email Aaron with questions in the interim.
Where do these chargers go on the bike?
We have developed a custom belly pan mount. We remove the stock charging unit and install 3 modular SCv2.5 units into the pan. This replaces the stock Zero belly pan. Unless you know what to look for it's difficult for the layman to tell our units even exist in this configuration.

The other spot(s) to have our units installed are on the forward part of the frame, externally. With this configuration you can have up to 3 in the pan and 2 on the frame which will allow you to fully maximise use of Zero's Power Tank battery.
The side? Won't that expose it to the elements?
Yes; our units were designed with that in mind. SuperChargers work rain or shine. Probably better in the rain, actually. Liquid cooling and all that. They are very, very resilient.
How do I use it?
digiNow SuperChargers are configurable and adaptable for all industry standards of charging. Most commonly, in the US, this means J1772 outlets, commonly known as J Plugs, found at EV stations. Additionally we offer the option of an adapter to use Tesla Destination outlets as well as NEMA 14-50 plugs like one would find at an RV park. So, to answer the question, you'll drive up to the EV station, plug the J1772 (or whatever you're using) into your SuperCharger, and grab a burrito.

Mennekes Type 2 will be the default inlet type offered for European customers. Burritos may also be harder to find in Europe so maybe find a baguette and stuff it full of savory meats and cheeses. And maybe pickled calabrian chiles? I think I'll call it the Eurrito!
Will this function like the OEM charger?
Yes. Simply plug the charging station into the charger and the bike will automatically turn on and begin the charging process. This is currently the only fast charger to do this.
You're recommending customers remove the stock charger?
Several reasons:
  • The configuration of the stock charger has it using the battery as a heat sink. This will cause irreversible damage to the battery cells every use.
  • It's unnecessarily bulky and heavy. Why try and keep it when for about the same amount of space you can install nearly 10x the charging power?
  • A recent poll of Zero owners revealed the stock chargers have around a 40% failure rate.
  • The communication port to talk to the bike is plugged into it and we need it more.
  • Sometimes they catch on fire. We could go on...
Can I still plug off the wall at home?
Yes, with the proper adapter. In the US a very easy solution to keep at home is the adapter made by Duosida that converts J1772 to wall outlet.

Here's the thing, though - people don't realize how little they'll miss slow charging. Fast charging is addicting. After even a short exposure to the fast charge lifestyle you may find yourself viewing a 110 wall outlet with contempt. It's hard to convince fledgling owners of this, though. Frankly we don't recommend bothering with 110 adapters; you won't miss them.
What model Zero bikes are compatible with SCv2.5 units?
Everything*. There may be a small additional charge for 2014 bike owners to add a necessary piece of hardware.
How do you mount these on FX/FXS models?
The best option we've found so far is to get one of the Zero FX Top Box Racks and install the charger and control board on the rack.
Do you offer anything for other brand electric bikes?
We have made and can still make stuff for Brammo bikes. RIP Brammo. We are also working on solutions for Energica bikes as well. Stay tuned.
Can you guys install this for me?
If you're in the greater Monterey Bay, CA area yes. Email us at and we can schedule a local installation.
Can I start with 1 or 2 chargers and add more over time?
We used to offer that option, but as we have scaled up our operations, we feel the 10kW charger option is the best and have trimmed down our offerings to the full version. You can, however, continue scaling up past 3 chargers - the only limit is your imagination!
Is there a limit to how many chargers I can use at a time?
With the release of the v2.5 control board the only limit is your imagination!