Electric Motorcycle Fast Charging Solution

The Super Charger is a project many have been longing for since the advent of the electric motorcycle. Through our racing and long distance riding we too discovered the need to charge our Zero Motorcycles faster. So we created the Super Charger. It allows motorcycle owners to fast charge their bikes to 80% in under an hour in most circumstances. This is a game changer for the industry which prior to our charger was left to wait between 8-10 hours for a similar charge.

Now with the Super Charger quick charging electric motorcycles like the Zero is a breeze and you can feel comfortable and safe riding as far as you like without range anxiety.

Read more about the Super Charger and its specs.

Bionic Eye & Cortical Implant

DigiNow works closely with Second Sight Medical to develop solutions to restore eyesight to the blind. We are currently working closely on the Argus II and Orion implants for the eye and brain. Giving sight back to the blind is a rewarding and humanitarian effort that we think helps make the world a little brighter for everyone, not just those with the implant.