node-ipc npm module

Node IPC is a nodejs module for local and remote Inter Process Communication with full support for Linux, Mac and Windows. It also supports all forms of socket communication from low level unix and windows sockets to UDP and secure TLS and TCP sockets.

Install it with npm install --save node-ipc to use it in your project.

node-cmd npm module

Node CMD is a commandline / terminal interface for node.js. Simple commandline interface allowing you to run cli, cmd or bash style commands as if you were in the terminal. Run commands asynchronously, and if needed get the output as a string.
Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Install it with npm install --save node-cmd to use it in your project.

event-pubsub npm module

Event Pubsub gives easy Pubsub events for Node and the browser allowing event scoping and namespacing. Easy for any developer level. No frills, just high speed pubsub events!

Install it with npm install --save event-pubsub to use it in your project.

node-http-server npm module

Node HTTP Server is a very simple to use node HTTP Server you can spin up from node apps, bash scripts, the commandline, C or python apps or really any language, not just node. It allows you to server dynamic server side rendered content, or just simple static files and is well documented with a slew of cool examples.

Install it with npm install --save node-http-server to use it in your project.

js-queue npm module

JS Queue is Great for any javascript queue, async or sync. And is an extendable ES6 class on which you can build your own queue implementation if needed. It also has built in support for auto running and restarting anytime something is added to the queue.

Works great in node.js, webpack, browserify, or any other commonjs loader or compiler. To use in plain old vanilla browser javascript without common js just replace the requires in the examples with script tags.

Install it with npm install --save js-queue to use it in your project.

js-message npm module

JS Message is a normalized JS ∓ JSON Message and event Protocol for node.js, vanilla.js (plain old javascript), react.js, websockets, rest api's, node-ipc, and any other protocol that might use a js object and or a JSON string.

js-message allows for seamless conversion of JSON messages and events to JS objects for a normalized implementation on the server and in the client without needing to concern yourself with JSON intermediaries and custom parsers.

Things are just easier when they are normalized.

Install it with npm install --save js-message to use it in your project.

phidgetapi npm module

Phidgets API for javascript! A node.js based API for interacting with your own analog sensors and all official Phidget boards and sensors. This module is compatible with all operating systems which can run node. phidgetapi is perfect for projects using BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi too!

Install it with npm install --save phidgetapi to use it in your project.

ws-share npm module

WS Share allows isomorphic sharing of websockets between different functions, modules, scripts, actions, stores, and/or components with vanilla js (plain js), react, webpack or browserify.

Install it with npm install --save ws-share to use it in your project.